More than a one-night stand art gallery.

Karma Kollective is an online art gallery and a place for ideas and visual cultures to meet. Serving as a home to a wide range of international artists and artistic styles, Karma Kollective seeks to inspire and spark up curiosity among all by bringing accessible art to the spaces where we live and work.

We spark up the love

'It all started from the excitement of connecting art-lovers and artists. Coming from both ends, we know how to spark the love between the two'.

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Every artist in our gallery had been carefully selected.
It is our artists' unique style, flourishing potential and means in creation that hold the Karma. Invest in their work and become a part of their emerging career. 

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we're happy to be your pair of eyes in the art scene and help with all-around, personal curation services. Learn more on how we can help with your next project. 

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