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Mindful curation for creative living.

From Berlin to New York, across Tel Aviv and London, we search the world to bring you the best artworks our eyes have laid upon to fit the spaces where we live and work. Discover new and promising creators, invest in their work and become a part of our thriving community.

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Large scale statement piece

Collectors and projects
Collectors and projects
'In the journey of art collecting, my role as a designer is to expose my clients to different art styles, artists and mediums- leading us to Karma Kollective's special art gallery.
— Iris Bercovich, Interior Designer , for the Hadad Family
Collectors and projects
'I accompanied the project from the planning stage to the last detail. The house is modern and minimalist, therefore we searched for works that on one hand will continue the clean and cozy line of the house and on the other hand will add color and depth.'
— Shir Shtaigman, Interior Designer
Collectors and projects
'Curating for 'Rooms' co-working space was a super creative project by Karma. With our experienced team and vision, we fully answered the clients' wishes and requests resulting in two huge infinite gallery walls -completing the classic yet clever design.
Now every meeting at 'Rooms' becomes an original and inspiring experience.'
— Sharona Tevet, Founder of Karma Kollective
Collectors and projects
The power of art is tremendous. Art gives so much to the spaces I design. It warms, dresses, shapes, adding values and soul. It contains the personality of the artist and carries a full history. I found all of that, and more, at Karma Kollective.
— Roni Bar-tal , Interior Designer
Photo by Itay Benit

Originals on paper

there's nothing like holding an original piece

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exclusive editions, up to 20 copies only

Hand-made ceramics

made with love and care, for the creative home

For your coziest wall or craziest project.

We're here for any creative adventure, helping your home/office/sanctuary shine with art.