50 Shades of Gray and Sunshine- Family Home in Ramat HaSharon


When the Cohen-Mor family asked us to curate a piece for their entrance space, we knew there would be a match. Visting the family’s home in Ramat HaSharon, felt like we were in France for the day. Their home is beautifully designed in chic and modern French countryside style, with light colors and an airy feeling, giving each detail a place of it’s own.  Our curation team followed the family’s requests and together we found the right piece to complete their vision and space.

The Cohen-Mor Family searched for a piece that would add a bit of humor and reflect their love for art that is light and comic. A piece that is neutral and joyful at the same time.

 Complemented by yellow and pink accents, we choose for them a silkscreen print by Palefroi, which blends harmonically in the entrance space sending happy smiles to whoever walks by.


Use soft muted colour palette with natural fabrics, such as linen, and furniture with sculpted or curved edges. Keep it simple and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color by art, flowers and books.