A Loving Note to All Women

Karma Kollective was born after a hard and uninspiring year, when I began feeling inner powers, burning in me. I wanted to influence people and spaces while building a circle of good energy- energy that is felt through art. Together, Ran and I began building this world we wanted to live in. A world that has windows for the sun to shine in and a fertile ground for beautiful things to grow on. A place where young entrepreneurs, artists, and creative people meet.

Yes, of course, there are difficult days (and nights), breakpoints along the way and never-ending to-do lists. There are (lots!) of days that I feel far from being the superwoman I aspire to be, but honestly, it doesn’t matter because I get up in the morning and decide to do good,  curating and creating a place that is a bit nicer to live in.

A place that celebrates creations, of any kind

On this important day, I’d like to remind all you beautiful ladies out there of the special power we have- the ability to change and create something from nothing, together and alone. I am wishing myself, and you, to be the best version of ourselves, every day, or even twice a week, by being strong, respectful, encouraging and loving- towards our bodies, our minds, and others. Keep planting and growing seeds of goodness, for our daughters and mothers, for women in business or at home, for a million of dreams waiting to come true, and for embracing communities, reminding us just how great it is being a woman.