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Get To Know Artist Jennifer Abessira - Karma Kollective

Get To Know Artist Jennifer Abessira

Describe your practice/profession with 5 words

Classifying my life by hashtags I create.

Where do your hashtags come from?

Books, movies, my feelings, my thoughts. For Instance #TheTriumphOfVegetationIsTotal is dedicated to all the vegetation I shot (mostly in Tel Aviv) and it’s taken from the last sentence in ‘The Map and the Territory‘ by Michel Houellebecq. #TelAvivForever is my hashtag for Tel Aviv where I’m based and it’s an homage to “Charlotte Forever” by Serge Gainsbourg (1986) an album for his daughter. 

Why Instagram?

I choose not having a studio, Instagram slowly but surely became the home for my creation, I’m creating through that platform and I like the fact that it has limits – it really helps me manage the chaos inside my head. Also because it’s immediate and it excites me. It has so many options but at the same time it is very simple: only pictures I found it extremely vivid.

In which method do you curate your visuals?

"If spontaneity is a method than It’s totally mine."

Is there a certain hierarchy in the visuals you use?

Since I don’t see myself as a photographer but as an image creator I see hierarchy like a notion that has lost its meaning. Nowadays, where there is a massive flood of images EVERYWHERE, I believe that it totally affected our way of perceiving a picture.


Where is your studio?

Everywhere and nowhere.
Since I chose to live a life without any order I’m always between living a life of a 100 years old lady and Speedy Gonzales : > based in Tel Aviv but can’t be too long far from Paris…I found my “peace” mainly between both of them = the airplane.

What is your favorite color?

One color?! It’s too hard!
I’m in love with combinations of colors – lately, it’s Orange (Hermes) & Blue (Yves Klein)


A favorite project of yours?

Definitely “Don’t Think Twice” that I did with my agent MTArt.
We collaborated with the Network Rail (London train) & The Municipality of London to put a mix of my hashtags in Instagram (= my works) on 72 bollards at the entry of the 3rd biggest underground station in London. During 2 months lots of people were able to discover my work and for me, it’s my most moving project till now.

Favorite place?

The Cinema.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

Watching movies I shouldn’t have watched – like Michael Haneke when I was 12…
Mainly going almost every day since I’m 13 to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

What’s your scariest experience?

Losing my mother Mathilde 1 year ago, we were the closest, she was like my mainstay, since then I feel like Georges Perec’s book “Life: A User’s Manual” – Trying to figure out how to continue everything and learning how to live with the pain – No words can describe that fear.

What work of art do you wish you owned?

Ellsworth Kelly | Blue Yellow Red (1968)

What would you do to get it?

(smiling) I don’t know, probably not something that crazy, it’s “just” a picture :>

Why art?

"Art ables me to take my time and view the world the way I want to."

What under-appreciated artist, gallery, or work do you think people should know about?

Classical music, it’s too isolated today and it’s really a shame for humanity cause it has a unique capacity opening our brain and mainly our feelings.

What food, drink, song inspires you?

Food: I love to eat – French & Italian food – As long as it comes with doe & butter I’m a fan.
Drink: Old Fashioned Cocktail & LOTS of wine.
Song:  (It’s like torture cause I have hundreds) Caribou | All I Ever Need

Name something you love, and why.
Watching people looking at art in Museums, sometimes much more than the artworks themselves. Because that it makes me love them more, I like watching people without having any interaction with them – like when they are on the big screen at movies.

Name something you don’t love, and why.
Going to openings, I really barely go. Because I don’t like to mingle and I’m bored with small talks.

Do you collect anything?

Books, mainly architecture books from the ’20s till the ’80s and art books.

We live in such crazy times that it really makes me feel secured being surrounded by beautiful books in my living room. 

"My library is my temple."

What person, dead or alive, would you invite for dinner?

Serge Gainsbourg!

Whos your favorite artist?
Eric Rohmer (movie director)

What is your dream project?
Making a movie! As I always say: It Takes Time To Become Young…I don’t see my life ending before I’ll make a movie.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
I don’t separate my life from my art,  so my “goal” is always staying hungry and foolish. 

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