Holiday Event at Jaffa’s Flea Market

It all started when our Karma’s first met. Our partnership with Studio Knot’s was more than love at first sight- it was the beginning of a true friendship. Together with wonderful designers and brands, Karma had the pleasure of hosting a first (and not last) offline event in Knots Studio, located in Jaffa’s charming flea market. Scroll down to see some of the special moments we’ve had.













At last, we’d love to give thanks to Karma’s friends and appreciate the power of our growing community. Thanks to all our new fellows and followers who stopped by and joined our magical circle of creativity, to old-time supporters for standing by us when plans were just dreams, to all you wonderful collectors finding beauty in the work of others,  and to all people across the world for inspiring us, keeping the karma move on.
Thank you!

Can’t wait to meet again, soon, very soon!