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Studio Visit with Or Lapid

We had the pleasure of visiting  Or Lapid’s Tel Avivian studio-apartment and learn more about why she paints,  her inspiration, and what’s the deal with all these couples. 


Tell us about yourself?
I was always an amateur painter until I began my studies in Bezalel Academy. I was making a ‘self-painting routine’ and since I graduated, painting has been a huge part of my life. After graduation I knew I was going for art teaching  since it is very important to me to interact with people alongside the work.

Where did you study? 
I studied visual communication at Bezalel,  specializing in Illustration. I recently finished my teachers diploma from the Seminar Hakibbutzim College.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m a very sensitive person and I always feel the need to unload and express myself…'

I can let my feelings out by painting or even dancing, but it just has to be released in some form. I also have quite a bit of ‘distracting noise’ in my head; painting helps me clear those moments and find the space in between them, just like meditation.

What technique do you use?
I usually paint in gouache but I like to experiment with different materials. Lately, I began experimenting and sculpting with clay.

What excites you about creation?
I think it is the desire to pass on a real moment down to a flat page. Especially when I’m able to reduce that moment or feelings, turning them to spots and shapes, color or line.



You paint a lot of couples, how does the connection between them affect you?
My eyes are mostly caught by older couples.

'I think it's something in their simple romance of just holding hands after so many years together. It truly excites me, especially in a world where everything is so temporary and transitory.'

Do you make up their story?
Not really. I just smile in my heart.

What attracts you to the specific people you paint and how do you choose them?
It’s almost always that they are old. And usually, they have to have some hat or some colored bag.

Where do your sources of inspiration come from?
Mostly from people and landscapes I see.


What place inspires you the most?
The city. The sea.

Who is your favorite artist?

Why teach art?
I was always interested in teaching or even treatment. I think I’m a person who is very motivated by interactions and different personalities. 

'It might be the desire to give parts of myself to others'

One item you really like in your studio/home and why?
My pink sofa. I always dreamed of one.


What are your goals for the upcoming year?
To become a teacher like one of those who influenced me. To create a lot. And just breathe …


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