Collection: Lesley Anderson

Lesley Anderson is a multi-media artist currently living and working in Victoria, BC, Canada. She has called the West Coast of Canada home for most of her life, studying at Emily Carr University in Vancouver and working as a printmaker at an etching studio on Granville Island. She spent several years in Montreal and abroad in France while completing her Master of Fine Arts with Concordia University

Her work is informed by materials and process, the formal properties of painting and the relationships between colour, mark making and form. Composing images with cut outs from coloured and painted papers, she uses a variety of media such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic and ink to create an inventory of compositional material. Her visual language continues to explore the organic nature of mark making, hard edge and diffused areas of colour. The resulting work is an improvisational recombining of painterly languages. Her work is a meeting of intention and chance.