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Naama Roth (b. 1980) is a mixed media artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her work is seen as "building blocks" of color and form, constructed by low-cost, generic, industrial materials that frequently serve in home design and furnishings, most of which substitute luxurious materials (such as wallpapers imitating wood or marble).  These materials reflect a specific locality – the Israeli one, whose decorative aesthetic lacks a notable history and is composed of mixed cultural identities. Through her installations and collage works Naama is able to create a parallel environment in which high is low and vice versa. 

Naama holds a BFA from the Shenkar College of Art and is a graduate of Les-Arcades school of arts, Paris. Naama’s work has been exhibited in local and international exhibitions as well as featured in numerous publications including Wallpaper Magazine, C-print and the Culture Trip.  

Naama Says:

“In my work, the media, materials, images and even gallery space are challenged, broken down and separated from the observer. My process thrives in the cracks between formalities of media where painting refuses to be painting.”

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