A few words about the family and the general design.
A couple with two kids, who have acquired a 5-room contractor apartment in Rishon-Lezion. The new home owners have a keen eye for aesthetics, and during our mutual thinking process we tried to harmonise their various favorite styles: on the one hand, a major connection to the Mediterranean wealth, and on the other hand, they favoured the simple guidelines of the Boho-Nordic style.

The main inspiration came from the clients' admiration of the Mediterranean style, which emerged from trips to Southern Spain and Andalusia, the dominant blue shades, the lime-white color of Greece, the clay tools and the terracotta of Morocco. We picked a bright and monochromatic color palette, with a touch of earth tones, combining only natural materials, like- linen, brass, terracotta, oak and metals.

How would you describe your design style?
My style is very broad and has a mixture of elegance, a Boho-Nordic eclecticism along with a clean design that's characterized with straight lines.

What personal imprint do you bring to the design?
The ability to produce design connections between materials, colors and textures in the right doses depending on the space.

Tell us about the process of choosing artwork. What mattered to you?
In most of my projects, choosing the art for the interior design is usually the last step. An artwork is a kind of component that you must feel connected to it from your gut, and each piece of art has its own language and a different impact on the space. At this apartment, the tenants' favored the Mediterranean language, blue colors, white shades and terracotta. We all felt connected to Raphael Baumer's photography – a Brazilian photographer, who documented the Amalfi Bay and the Palace of Versailles, and to Or Lapid's drawings, that fit like a glove to the colors in the living room. We also added two water color paintings by Jenny Ronen, that were inspired from the city of Tel-Aviv, and were hung in the study room.

What is your attitude towards art in a designed space? And how do you incorporate art into one?
I believe that art has a strong effect on the atmosphere of a space. Art gives us a message, makes us feel, be moved. Choosing the right art is an intuitive process which should come from a clients' gut feeling. My role as a designer is to expose the clients to different styles, to original and various pieces of art. lead us to Karma Kollective's special gallery. The gallery contains an eclectic art collection and a big variety of artists from around the country and the globe.

Incorporating art into a space depends on a number of factors: association, colors, highlighting- every aspect like this affects my decision. For example: choosing Raphael Baumer's art, we've associated it to a Mediterranean vacation, Or Lapid's art fit perfectly for the colors we desired to create. Furthermore, the Tel-Avivian atmosphere awakened within the clients a positive and nostalgic feeling, and that's why Jenny Ronen's art was chosen.

What did you like about the chosen artworks?
Some of them were original artworks that awakened within my clients some memories from Tel-Aviv, a city that they really like. Also, the Amalfi categorized artworks reminded them of their trip to that place. The Versailles ceiling artwork was chosen thanks to the way it communicates with the hanging golden lightings on that wall and their color.
In addition, this creation conveys luxury and a historical elegance. It seems like these photographs, that hang in the same space, represent different ideas and styles, but overall, there is a harmonious combination between them.

Can you give us a few tips for a precise choice of artworks?
First of all,
I advise to wait for an advanced stage in the process until you start selecting and purchasing art. However, I must say that we were following Karma Kollective's gallery for a long time and they stood right before our eyes in advance, so it is safe to say we were very unified at the final decision.
Second, it is vital to pick a piece of art that can touch you and create a deep emotion. Art is usually something you don't tend to replace, therefore we must feel very connected and whole with our decision.
Third, be sure to buy artwork with the help of an expert, who can, first of all, match art to your space proportionally, and second, choose a good frame. In many cases, the frame can make an entire difference.
Fourth- set aside a financial component for art in the project's budget- a house with bare walls is dull, so my project's budget will inevitably include a respectable component for artworks.
And lastly- art doesn't have to be a picture on a wall. It can be an object, a sculpture, an accessory, and sometimes even a scrap that you're emotionally attached to, that brings the household members together, and gives your home its unique nature.


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Photography- Shiran Carmel
Copyrights – Iris Bercovitch Home Styling

מרץ 14, 2021