Olga Szczechowska

Olga Szczechowska (b. 1987)  is a painter, illustrator, and an installation artist. Through her multi-disciplinary work, Olga conducts different types of visual research, resulting in collage as the final stage of her process. Olga questions the rules of composition; through trial and error, she analyzes shapes and is always in search for the ‘rational-irrational’ balance between them.  As a result of slight movements, she tests the (in)stability of the form; changes in a single element help her observe different interactions in the layout of the piece.

Olga is a graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, majoring in Painting and Cultural Studies. Olga has collaborated with the Centre for Contemporary Art in Torun and is a participant in the collective action -PRZEprojekt.