Yaara Oren

Yaara Oren (b. 1982) lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Daily incidents and visual dialogues she experiences in her South Tel Aviv surroundings inspire her work. Yaara translates her personal experiences through a code of creation, to either 2 or 3-dimensional work. In her plate collection, elements of the ‘everyday’ seek the balance between the ordinary and sacred – both by their ‘being’ and ‘purpose.’ The ‘wabi-sabi’ plates seem as if they were made through a ceremony exalting nature, for a higher cause or ancient ritual, always remaining imperfectly perfect.

Yaara graduated in 2009 from the Midrasha College of Art with an Award of Excellence. She has participated in several exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Her artworks are a part of several large collections including, the Leumi Bank Collection, Musée de l’Élysée in Switzerland and other private collections.