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Sunflowers for Culture of Solidarity

Sunflowers for Culture of Solidarity

by Or Lapid

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'When the Coronavirus broke out, I came across a post that called for volunteering. Through this post, I had the privilege of meeting three amazing and inspiring women who never stop doing good and spreading it further- Leahtonic, Danielle Cantor and Alma Beck. The same women who established the 'Culture of Solidarity.'

'Culture of Solidarity' is an initiative by a community of volunteers who since the beginning of the Corona have helped vulnerable populations - elderly, refugees, families at risk, sex workers, single women, and those whose basic needs are not met - from project production to transportation and food distribution.'

'I created the sunflower prints from the same spirit of free giving, the same as the yellow sunflowers do, while at the same time strengthening weak communities that need special support in these special times.'
With every print you collect, 100% of the payment will go to a Culture of Solidarity. We believe that through collective assistance, even if it is the smallest, we can help, inspire and unite hearts. Each print is made using the mesh print technique, from a series of 12, signed by Or Lapid.

size: 25x17.5 cm
medium: silkscreen print
edition: 12
year: 2020

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