Ready to hang, by top specialists

From left to right:
Classic frame, Box Frame, Alu Frame

Our frames are carefully hand-crafted by top specialists, at our favorite local frame house. Each frame is custom-made and assembled from quality materials to fit your art. All framed are Museum Standard with fine finishes.


The Classic Frame- White or Black
Smooth, white or black colored frame, for a classic, all-time look. Used mostly for full-bleed pieces (see below) photography works and limited edition prints. 

The Box Frame- Natural or Light Oak
Thin, museum quality wood frame for a warm and natural look. This type of frame has a small gap between the backing and the glass, meaning you can frame 3D objects, and works on paper while allowing full view of the face and sides of the artwork. This frame was designed to compel original works on paper, and small-sized pieces, elegantly showing the edges of the paper. 

The Alu Frame- Wood Coated or Simple
Super slim, light metal frame for a minimalistic look. A high-quality frame, able to carry heavy and large-scale pieces, always remaining delicate and modern.  This frame arrives in different colors and wood coated profiles. This modern profile was designed for artists and photographers, using a full bleed, or mat finishing (see below). 


Full Bleed- printing from one edge of the paper to the other without borders or spacers. 
Mat (passe-partout)- a cardboard-like material, which sits between a frame and your photograph or artwork to give it a more finished look. 

Feel free to add your frame or consult with us regarding framing