Palefroi | Karma Kollective


Palefroi is the duo Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, two French artists currently based in Berlin. They met in Berlin in 2011 and discovered they share the same drive and energy towards screen printing. After working on several projects together, they decided to formalize their partnership in 2013 by creating ‘Palefroi’, a framework which embraces all of their practices; their self-published books and prints in particular.

‘Palefroi’ is the name they use to sign all of their pieces as a duo. Tran and Jdanoff constantly go back and forth between their individual and collective work. Their language as a duo is at the crossroads of their respective worlds. They work at the crossroads of printmaking, illustration, publishing and applied arts.

‘One is formal and abstract, the other narrative and figurative. Over the years, the boundaries between our personal and collective work have become more and more porous’